Marcelo Felipe Zavareze Marques, known as Batman (and the subject of our Resident department in the March/April 2012 issue), is the curator-director of Rio’s multimedia art festival, Multiplicidade, which takes place from June through December. This clip from last year’s festival exemplifies the way Batman brings together different types of multimedia artists to create unique performances.

Letuce is a band made up of the singer Letícia Novaes and the multi-instrumental musician Lucas Vasconcellos that mixes bossa nova, rock, a touch of French songs, brega, jazz, and samba with very well-made arrangements and fun lyrics. Along with the video artist and light operator Paulo Camacho, Letuce created a pool filled with Styrofoam balls in the audience area at Multiplicidade. The pool worked like a projection screen from which the spectator could watch the show.

The projections programmed in the Styrofoam pool were repeated with the same dimensions in the cyclorama, generating a comfortable sensation of symmetry. The images, sometimes pre-recorded, sometimes designed live and accentuated with black lights, engaged the public—some of who were in the pool of Styrofoam balls—in a fusion between reality and the projected images.

Photo by Gabriel Rinaldi.