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Around the World From a Travel Photographer’s Perspective

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Follow Natalia Horinkova around Slovakia, Australia, Bali, Malawi, and beyond.

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Natalia Horinkova, a “photographer, traveler, and believer in good,” documents the authentic spirit of the destinations she visits around the world through her Instagram account, @_nata_. We were captivated by her snapshots when they first popped up on #traveldeeper, so we caught up with the Slovakia-born, Australia-based travel photographer to talk about her photography inspiration, travel experience, and her fascinating (and incredible) upcoming project.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you decide to move from Slovakia to Australia?

“I was born and raised in Slovakia. When I was 19 years old, I moved out of my childhood home and lived between Slovakia, Spain, and Italy. After that, I lived in Dubai for about three years, and then I moved to Australia. My permanent address is in Australia, but to be honest, for past two years I haven’t really spent much time there either—I’ve been traveling pretty constantly.”

Ubud, Bali

It sounds like travel is pretty deeply ingrained in who you are. Is there a specific trip that inspired you to make it a lifestyle?

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“I’ve been traveling since I was very little—as far back as I can remember, really. My first solo trip was when I was 14 years old. I spent a summer in Switzerland and lived away from my family. Since then, I’ve traveled from Europe to the Middle East to Asia. The trip that changed me the most, though, was to Nepal. I booked a flight very spontaneously and spent 10 days there doing yoga in the Himalayas, hiking to neighboring villages, getting to know the culture, and communicating with local people, even though I didn’t speak their language.” 

What draws you to photography—specifically travel photography?

“I want to share with the rest of the world what I learn from my travels. I want to show people places they haven’t been—places that they might like to go to. I want to share beauty. I love learning about new things and talking to people. The world has so much to offer—there are so many amazing cultures and customs to experience and celebrate.” 

Delhi, India

In July, you’re embarking on a cycling trip through Malawi in partnership with OnePulse and Partners in Health—what a unique adventure! What is the basis of this project?

“I was actually asked to join this trip as an official photographer through Instagram! I’m joining a group of 19 cyclists who will be riding through Malawi—about 800 miles in total—to fundraise for better healthcare outreach across the country. This trip is a perfect example of the reason I do travel photography—to help. My goal for this project is to not only raise money, but also to capture photos, share them with my audience, and perhaps make an even bigger impact by spreading knowledge and awareness. You never know whose heart your images will touch and how those people, in turn, will lend a helping hand.”


Learn more about the Malawi Expedition here.

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