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Armchair Indophiles, This Is Your 5,923-Piece LEGO Taj Mahal

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Courtesy of Lego

Just in time for the holidays, the Danish brickmaker has revived one of its most elaborate—and expensive—kits.

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So you missed Diwali in Agra this year; no problem. You can still sip your nimbu pani and gaze upon the Taj Mahal by candlelight. You’ll just have to build it yourself.

Just in time for the (Western) winter holidays, LEGO has announced the return of one of its most stupefyingly intricate building sets. The LEGO Taj Mahal boasts 5,923 pieces, which go together via a three-volume instruction manual. Construction of the real Taj, which commenced in 1632, required the efforts of some 20,000 artisans who worked day and night for 22 years. The LEGO version should go together with slightly less time and toil.

The LEGO Taj is part the company’s challenging Creator series of kits—many of which, thanks to little plastic bits that number in the thousands, are aimed at builders at least 16 years old. It’s a revival of the 2008 LEGO Taj Mahal, a revered set among brick fanatics, but revised to include exactly one additional piece. And it’s the second-largest set in LEGO’s 68-year history, after the 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon.

The $370 Taj Mahal—which, in finished form, measures 20 inches square by 16 inches high—joins a growing roster of world monuments in the LEGO range, including a $489 Big Ben kit with 4,163 pieces and a $339 Tower Bridge set with 4,287 pieces.

The remade Taj hits the Danish brickmaker’s web store on Cyber Monday, November 27. Plenty of time to clear off the kitchen table.

Buy Now: $370, amazon.com

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