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Nominate the destinations you want to visit in 2017.

Each year at AFAR, we refuel your wanderlust by sharing what’s new in travel. Our Where to Go coverage reveals places that are compelling and timely for all kinds of reasons, including noteworthy hotels, easier access, or a changing cultural climate. Whatever it is, they’ve got that It factor.

Our search for next year is already underway, but we also know our readers are a well-traveled, curious bunch. And now, for the first time, we’re asking you to share the destinations and experiences that are capturing your imagination for 2017.

So tell us! Click here to write in your Travelers’ Choice nominations by August 15. We’ll review the submissions and then invite you back on September 1 to vote for your favorite finalists.

The Travelers’ Choice winners will be revealed on AFAR.com and in the January/February Where to Go magazine issue. Voice your travel wish list now—and spread the word to your favorite travelers on social media with #wheretogo2017.