We’re very excited to announce a big change to AFAR.com: Places!

Places make it easy for travelers to browse recommendations from AFAR magazine’s travel experts—as well as locals and farflung travelers—of where to eat, what to do, and where to stay worldwide. With Places, the individual highlights and photos that showcased one person’s experience are now collected under one geotagged location, so you can see all the experiences people have had in that place. And thanks to an incredible community that’s helped us build this experiential travel guide, we have information on over 40,000 places around the world.

For example, let’s go to Kilimanjaro. All of the relevant information—the place name, its location, and a business website, if appropriate, is there. To the left of that information, you’ll see all the images that people have uploaded for this place. The primary description—the one we’ve chosen as the most representative—lives underneath the images.

091814places3Places can be saved into Trip Plans—to build an itinerary from start to finish. The trip-planning tool allows travelers to add items to a trip while browsing the site, or manage multiple trips at once, making organizing a vacation a seamless experience. We’ve made it easy to add a place to a trip; you’ll see the red button prominently featured to the right of the image. Clicking that will add it to your default trip; you can manage all your trips via the drop-down list to the left of your profile.

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Alternatively, you can just add the Place to a wishlist if you’re not quite ready to plan a trip. You’ll see a wishlist tab on your profile of all the items you’ve saved.

Once you’ve been to a place, you can add your own highlight to provide details of your own visit—or a photo you’ve taken there—so that other travelers can benefit from your expertise. Just click Add Highlight or Add Photo to contribute your experience to the mix.


And while we’ve got you… check out AFAR’s mobile app, which has been updated to take advantage of the latest iOS release, enabling users to see nearby things to do on their iPhones. The mobile update also works in tandem transitioning between iPhone, iPad, and desktop when browsing AFAR’s content or planning a trip. We’re also continuing to build our destination guides to cities and countries around the world. Check out our newest guides, for Canada, Chile, and Austria.

Finally, we’re very proud to say that this week AFAR.com, AFAR magazine, and the AFAR mobile app received SATW Lowell Thomas awards. The judges called AFAR.com “the only site necessary for frequent travelers and daydreamers.” And they didn’t even know all these new things were coming! As usual, let us know what you think at community@afar.com. We’re continuing to innovate and improve to making the best inspirational and planning site and app even better.

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