Whether your final destination is Asia, North America, or Europe, ANA brings the business world together. As Japan’s largest airline—providing today’s business travelers with more global routes and convenient connections throughout Japan—ANA’s exceptional in-flight service and world-class amenities allow travelers to make the most of their time in the air. Now ANA has taken another creative step forward in its mission of bringing business travelers together.

The rise of the digital age is sometimes blamed for diminishing the role of face-to-face contacts in business. There is increasingly hard data that indicates this trend may be a serious problem, with several recent studies concluding that colleagues who meet in person have a higher level of trust and more effective cooperation than those who communicate only via email. ANA, however, has developed a way to use technology for good—by helping facilitate the personal meetings that turn business exchanges into lasting relationships.

ANA’s latest innovative program, Flight Connections, offers professionals a new way to look at their network of business contacts. The platform analyzes data from users’ LinkedIn networks to help turn their online connections into in-person meetings, creating a visual representation of the global contacts in their networks and overlaying ANA routes to show how they can easily connect with their business contacts in Asia.

Log on to Flight Connections and the interactive globe will present you with the top cities where you have the most contacts as well as the destinations served by ANA. Click on any city, and you’ll find out not just how many connections you already have in that location, but how many potential business contacts, one degree removed from your existing ones, are also based there. Even if you have only a few connections in Singapore now, you may discover there are thousands of potential new connections waiting to meet you.

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To show Flight Connections in action, ANA has partnered with global business leaders Nancy Lublin, founder of DoSomething.org and creator of Dress for Success, and Leila Janah, founder of Samasource. Follow them on LinkedIn, as they share their journeys to Asia via ANA Business Class to meet with their international business contacts.

Regardless of the data on the economic benefits of in-person meetings, it’s probably self-evident that a discussion over sushi in Tokyo or drinks with a view of the Hong Kong skyline are much better ideas than a Skype conference. To learn more, go to ana-flightconnections.com and sign in via LinkedIn to explore your professional network and enter for a chance to win a round-trip Business Class ticket to Asia with ANA to connect in person (full details with rules and regulations can be found on the website).