WOW Air is seeking two people for the best summer job ever: Relocate to Reykjavík and travel to produce digital guides for the budget airline’s website.

If you’re eager to pack your summer schedule with travel plans but can’t afford to break the bank, WOW Air has an incredible opportunity for you.

The low-cost carrier recently announced that from June 1 until August 15, it will pay “a fun pair of individuals who are able to think big” to move to Iceland and travel the world to create digital guides for the airline’s website. During this time, the lucky travelers—who can either be two content creators or one who wants to bring a friend along—will receive a monthly salary of about $4,000, using a paid-for apartment in Reykjavík as a base from which to explore a selection of WOW Air’s 38 destinations worldwide.

Over the course of the three-month job, which WOW Air describes as “The Best Summer Job Ever,” the two travelers will take eight trips to WOW’s international destinations and four domestic trips through Iceland. Each trip will last between two and four days, and the destinations—among them Dublin, Montreal, Berlin, and San Francisco—will be chosen at the discretion of the selected travelers, Insider reports.


As part of the remarkable offer, both travelers will be required to document their trips, capturing short videos and writing travel tips to create guides for the destinations they visit. The content, which will include videos, GIFs, and blog posts—covering topics such as food, culture, nature, transportation, and budget options—will be added to WOW Air’s travel guides online.

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So how you can apply? First, create a two-minute, “guide-like” video of your hometown that includes expert, insider travel tips. Once your video is ready to go, submit an application here. The deadline to apply is May 14, and the two winners will be announced on May 18.

All applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a Facebook account.

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