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8 Travel Vines Worth a Damn

By Bryan Kitch

Jun 10, 2013

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This week, we’re celebrating all the creativity that travelers can fit into six seconds of video with these eight artistic travel Vines. Limitations often lead to new and interesting perspectives, whether it be publishing the complete works of Shakespeare via Twitter, or discovering the most effective way to communicate the essence of climbing the Eiffel Tower in a mobile phone montage. Take a look, and get inspired—when you’ve only got six seconds, every choice is key.

In Adrian Borovsky’s incredible Vine below, a commercial jet appears out of thin air, impossibly close to the beach, as it prepares for landing:

MRP’s “Ascending the Eiffel Tower” gives the viewer a sense for the dizzying heights and beautiful views to be had from one of the most iconic architectural achievements in a city filled to the brim with stunning structures:

Laura Bly’s “Inle Lake, Myanmar,” is breathtaking. The colors, the postures, the perspective, all give the viewer a lasting impression of the experience—not to mention the interesting paddling technique employed by the boatman:


In ito_yas’s post from the Toki Mino Ceramic Ware Festival in Gifu, Japan gives us a sense for the local cuisine as well as how it’s prepared in a way that’s only possible via moving pictures:

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Okay, we admit it—we’re partial to MRP’s “Embrace the Fog” post for sentimental reasons, but it does show just how the fog comes in “on little cat feet,” and (if you turn on the audio) you can hear the foghorns so familiar to any San Franciscan:

There are few cities in the world as visually compelling as Venice—here, the aptly named Alice in Venice gives us a quick tour of one of Venice’s many canals:

This little gem comes our way via noted food blogger Elyse Pasquale, and is certainly among the most artistic posts we’ve seen yet on Vine, showing a Manhattan sunrise: Last, but certainly not least, we go behind the scenes with chef, writer, traveler Andrew Zimmern at Pierogies Plus in Pennsylvania to better understand just how these delicious bundles come to be:

If you have a video that you think is worth a damn, send it to us (community@afar.com). We’re on the hunt for videos that inspire, make us think, open our eyes and get us dreaming.

Photo by Barbara Chennault/AFAR.com

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