Is even the sight of an airport during the holiday season stressing you out?

We get it: Holiday travel is stressful (especially if you’re traveling with kids). That’s why we fully employ the “treat yourself” mentality during this hectic time. Here are a few of our tips for surviving holiday travel season, whether you’re flying, taking a train, or driving.

“Nap during every point A to point B. No one likes a cranky party guest.” —Juliette San Fillipo, associate marketing manager

“Podcasts. Last year’s holiday travel de-stresser was Serial, and I’m on the lookout for a replacement this year!” —Michaela Trimble, brand manager

“I de-stress with a glass of prosecco and a good book.” —Erin Jeffery, marketing coordinator

“Skiing at Red Mountain, B.C.—a bit off the grid which I love! Playing games with the family, and sippin’ hot toddies by the fire.” Onnalee MacDonald, west coast sales director

“I drink a lot more wine, especially on planes. I use the plane time to write all my holiday cards—multitasking at its best. And I know this is the season for giving but I also treat myself more this time of year to keep me sane—a massage or a new pair of snow boots.” —Jen Murphy, hotels editor

“How do I destress during holiday travel? I try to spend time with the people I care about in places that don’t have tons of tourists and inflated holiday prices. Easier said than done.” —Joe Diaz, co-founder

“I have a teeny tiny bottle of Angostura bitters that I take on planes, so I order whatever whiskey the airline offers, a cup of ice, some soda water, and make a killer whiskey soda. Or, if I don’t want to drink but still want something cocktail-y, I ditch the whiskey and dash some bitters into the soda water.” —Danielle Walsh, associate editor

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