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7 Reasons to Book a Trip to Australia Now

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The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia. Photo by Ray Madolora

Senior editor Andrew Richdale just spent a little over a week Down Under. While there are millions of reasons to visit Australia, he catalogs his seven favorite things from his trip.

1. These little marsupials, quokkas, which are the mellowest creatures I’ve ever met and roam wild on Rottnest Island near Perth.

2. The fantastic coffee and the fact they put ice cream it. I don’t really want ice cream in my coffee, which confused almost every barista, but I fully respect that it’s a thing they do on the regular!

3. A local bartender I hung out with in Sydney took me to Shady Pines Saloon in the neighborhood of Darlinghurst. You walk through a nondescript entrance in an alley and enter a fully legitimate honky tonk, 8,000 miles from Texas.

4. Their electric blue lobsters, which are a little sweeter and so tasty when grilled on the barbie and dipped in drawn butter.

5. Views like this. 

6. And this.

7. And, WTF, this. 

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