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5 Signs You’ve Been to Kauai

By Chloe Roth

Apr 8, 2015

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Kauai is where I go to turn off my cell phone. To escape the bustle and lights of the city for the cricket sounds and pitch black nights of the island. To give my hands a break from typing and let them be the hands of a macadamia nut farmer. To leave behind the world of social media and unplug. At least that’s the idea, anyhow. But Kauai is simply too stunning to justify leaving behind the world of social media. And so, instead of unplugging, I find myself clogging the Instagram feed with every beach, gecko, and exotic fruit I see. Here are five signs I’m back on the island.


My entire Instagram feed is macadamia nuts.


One minute I’m in a torrential downpour . . . 30 seconds later I’m looking at this.


The longest conversation I’ve had all day is with a newly hatched gecko.


I spend the entire day indoors playing with fruit because there’s a hurricane advisory.


My car breaks down on the side of the road and this is my view.

Chloe Roth is a writer, social media vixen, hand model (for reals) and, someday, the owner of her family’s Kauai macademia nut farm. Dip into her colorful, impeccable Instagram world here

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