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4 Two-Wheeled Travel Videos Worth A Damn

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At AFAR we believe it’s not about where you travel, but how you travel. Transformation happens when you get beneath the surface of a place, and all it requires is a change in perspective. This week’s edition of Travel Videos Worth a Damn takes that sentiment literally, focusing on the way a place changes when you view it from two wheels. From zig-zagging through traffic on crowded city streets to landing jumps on rugged mountain terrain parks, these pedal pushers are blazing new trails.

“Above The Dust,” Leo Zuckerman: An exhilarating ride through the Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Whistler, B.C. These guys get some serious air!

“Brussels Express,” Sander Vandenbroucke: If you have twenty minutes to spare, spend it on this short documentary that captures the lives of bike couriers in Belgium’s capital city—a place that’s not all that easy to navigate on two wheels.

“This Is Why We Ride—A Celebration Of Mountain Biking,” Sacred Rides: A compilation of photographs, stories and videos, this thoughtful piece pays homage to mountain biking by examining diverse reasons for hitting the trails from riders around the world.

“Hidden Lives: The Cicerone of Dhaka,” Fat Rat Films: Fat Rat Films’ “Hidden Lives” series is a collection of two minute films that explores aspects of daily living that don’t always meet the eye. This one follows a man as he navigates the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh by bike. 

Photo courtesy of Allison Murray/AFAR

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