This week, we’re focused on the artistic side of travel. In the global economy, a personal connection to your craft is becoming increasingly rare—there has never been a more important time to celebrate the handmade. These are a few examples of ancient traditions that are still very much in the hands of modern descendants, where human spirit and soul is in evidence with every brush stroke, every stitch, every turn of the wrist.

“The Art of Egg Painting,” Jungles in Paris: This short film from AFAR contributors Darrell and Oliver Hartman celebrates the Romanian art of egg painting in Ciocanesti. Beautiful, intricate designs that echo those of the architecture and traditional dress also serve as the inspiration for egg painting, which uses colored beeswax to create patterns in a labor-intensive process, layering colors until the desired effect is achieved.

“Made by Hand, No. 4/The Cigar Shop,” Made by Hand: This short film on Martinez Cigars in New York City is number four in a series on “celebrating the people who make things by hand—sustainably, locally, and with a love for their craft.” Regardless of how you feel about cigars, you’ll appreciate the artistry that went into making this piece both informative and inspirational.

“The Hammock,” Brent Toombs: In this video, filmmaker Brent Toombs follows along as 80-year-old Emilio Choco outlines the ancient Maya method of hammock making—a fascinating process, and a rare and important cultural tradition.

“Sign Painters (Official Trailer),” Samuel J. Macon: This short trailer for an upcoming film documenting sign painting left us wanting more (is it too much to say “sign us up for the premiere?). It’s an art that is often completely taken for granted, but when done well, has a lasting power and beauty that leaves an impression.

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Photo by dominicspics/Flickr