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This week’s edition of Travel Videos Worth a Damn examines one of our favorite subjects here at AFAR: food. With farm-to-table movements gaining global popularity, chefs around the world are taking extra care to ensure their dishes represent cultural identity through fresh, local ingredients that bring out the best in their menus. From homemade tofu in Seoul to salad in Sonoma, these videos prove that now, more than ever, the time is ripe to travel for food.

“Live To Eat,” Semipermanent: Gorgeous, absorbing and informative, Semipermanent’s look at authentic food in Seoul explores the city through three distinct flavors. The first depicts the story of Bean Table, a restaurant that brings an organic approach to traditional Korean cuisine.

Farm To Table—Harmony Hotel, Nosara Costa Rica,” iSeeiTravel: Short, sweet, and to the point, this one-minute clip shows the construction of a dish from the garden to the plate.

“Coconut: Nose To Tail,” Perennial Plate, in partnership with Intrepid Travel: In Sri Lanka, coconut is an essential component not only of the plate, but of every day life. Here, Perennial Plate documents alternative uses of the fruit (like thatched roofs and rope) that show, in the words of one local, “from the root to the top … nothing is left behind.”

Paul’s Produce and the Sonoma Farmer’s Market,” Tripfilms: Taken from a feature-length film project that captures the trials and rewards of being a young farmer in today’s agricultural and economic landscape, director Casey Beck provides an intimate look at the salad mix of one well-regarded Sonoma vendor, before it hits your plate.

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Photo courtesy of Jenna Francisco/AFAR