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Like the great sardonic singer-songwriter Randy Newman, we love L.A.

Indeed, we included the City of Angels in our March/April issue’s Cities We Love package. Our affection is also evident in the adoring way we’ve created our online AFAR Guide to Los Angeles, which includes 12 must-do experiences and much, much more.

In 2012, we commissioned the magical fiction writer Aimee Bender, a Los Angeles native, to give us “Another Angle on L.A.” and show us how to get around the city without a car. And we pick up that thread in the June/July issue’s Before Sunrise story, “Drink (and Don’t Drive) in L.A.,” which proves that “a night out in Los Angeles doesn’t require a car or even an Uber account.”

Yes, we simply can’t stop singing the praises of La-La Land—to the point where we just had to bring in other voices to help express our adulation. Of course, we had to start with Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” and include a host of musical artists indelibly identified with the southland, from Dave Alvin and Jackson Browne to X and Warren Zevon.

Los Angeles sprawls, and so does our We Love L.A. Spotify Playlist, even after we pruned it from an ungainly 70 or so songs to a slightly more manageable 33, encompassing the expected classics (Joni Mitchell, The Doors) and, we think, quite a few surprises (Tom Lehrer, Cold War Kids).

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To make our L.A. list somewhat less jammed than the 405 at rush hour, we culled out the tunes about Tinseltown—while you’re on the AFAR Media Spotify page, check out our 20 Great Hollywood Songs. And remember to follow us so you can keep up with new playlists as we add them.

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