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3 Travel Videos Worth a Damn

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This week’s edition of Travel Videos Worth a Damn is about atmosphere. There are times in life when the mood, the light, and the timing is just right to put you at ease and allow you to engross yourself in a moment. These videos are glimpses of just such moments, providing a sense for place that is at once timeless and fleeting.

“The Golden Sea,” Infinity List: While there are a number of classic surf videos out there, this is among those that really captures the essence of a beautiful afternoon on the beach. Did we mention that it was shot in Bali? Enjoy.

“Magic of La Perla,” TheDirector4: This video perfectly captures life at first light in Bologna, Italy, as the city awakens and begins a new day.

“The Street Aesthetic of Berlin,” Christian Andersen: Like the video above, this short film gives a powerful impression of everyday life in Berlin, though it does so at the opposite end of the day, as the shadows fall on the city.

If you have a video that you think is worth a damn, send it to us (community@afar.com). We’re on the hunt for videos that inspire, make us think, open our eyes and get us dreaming.

Photo by Benny Haddad/AFAR.com

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