This week’s Travel Videos Worth a Damn takes a closer look at arts and culture in an urban environment, spanning three continents, from the art of the underground in New York City, to tango in Buenos Aires, to Gaudi’s iconic architecture in Barcelona.

“The Art Underground,” by Tim Sessler: While rushing to get on the subway on our way to work, or to meet friends, or to get to that appointment, how often to we take the time to look around and take in the art that surrounds us along the way? Here, Tim Sessler, with guide (and AFAR Local Expert) Ruddy Harootian, give us a glimpse of just what we’re missing.

“Milongas…The Seduction of Tango,” by Tewfic El-Sawy: Take a loving look at an intimate dance—the tango is about passion and expression, as well as connection. It’s impossible not to come away from this beautiful series of stills with a greater sense for, and appreciation of, this Argentine tradition.

If Barcelona’s not on your list yet, here’s yet another reason to plan a trip—this short video from Designlovefest has plenty of character, but also provides a look at two of the most important and influential architectural achievements of Antoni Gaudí, from the Sagrada Familia, to Park Güell.

If you have a video that you think is worth a damn, send it to us ( We’re on the hunt for videos that inspire, make us think, open our eyes and get us dreaming.

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Photo by Ruddy Harootian/