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25 AFAR Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now

By Maggie Fuller

Oct 27, 2015

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Put these travel photographers on your list.

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Really good travel photography is one of the best remedies for a severe case of wanderlust. Whether you’re between trips or just counting the days until the next issue of AFAR shows up in the mailbox, we know, there can be withdrawals. So in order to hold you over, here are some of our own magazine’s photographers who make our glossy pages so beautiful every month. We follow them on Instagram—and think you should too!

1. Kyle Johnson
Seattle, WA

Kyle Johnson is a 31-year-old editorial/advertising photographer who thrives on shooting interesting people and places. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he’s a proud representation of the stereotypes—a bearded, Subaru-driving, espresso-drinking fly fisherman.

Where you recognize that style from: The Next Wave” (May 2015) and Pacific Harvest (December 2014).

What to expect from his Instagram:  Soulful portraits, stunning mountain shots, moody black-and-whites, and a whole lot of fly fishing.

Where else you can find him: Website: kjphotos.com / Instagram: @KJphotos1022 / Twitter: KJphotos / Tumblr: KJphotos

2. Michael Hanson
Pacific Northwest

Michael Hanson is a Pacific Northwest-based photographer working predominately on human interest stories. His work has taken him around the world and he’s won a few awards in the process—from PDN30, American Photo, National Geographic, and Banff, among others. His fine art work is currently in the permanent archive at the Sir Elton John Collection.

Where you recognize that style from: The New Wave of The Medina” (August/September 2014)

What to expect from his Instagram: Pathos-filled portraits and thrilling, action-filled moments that explore culture and life around the world (think mid-air cliff dives or the knockout punch during a boxing match).

Where else you can find him: Website: www.michaelhansonphotography.com /
Instagram: mhansonphoto / Twitter: @hansonmphoto / Facebook: Michael Hanson Photography

3. Ami Vitale
Montana (But she is currently in China with a bumper crop of adorable baby pandas)

Ami Vitale is a Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic photographer. Her journey as a photographer and filmmaker has taken her to 90 countries and her photographs have been commissioned by nearly every important international publication and been exhibited around the world in museums and galleries.

Where you recognize that style from: Coffeeland” from the May 2013 issue of AFAR

What to expect from her Instagram: Pandas, elephants, rhinos and horses—Vitale gets up close and personal with the kind of animals that many of us only dream about meeting in real life—as well as some wonderfully joyful portraits of the people she meets along the way.

Where else you can find her: Website: www.amivitale.com / Instagram: amivitale / Twitter: amivee / Facebook: Ami Vitale

4. Jessica Antola
Brooklyn, NY

An avid traveler, Jessica Antola has produced personal work portraying rarely photographed people, cultures, and landscapes from West Papua, Antarctica, Tibet, and Myanmar. Recently she has turned her lens to Africa and is currently working on a book with this series, some of which can be seen in AFAR’s October issue. When she isn’t traveling she divides her time between Brooklyn (where she is based), Los Angeles (where she grew up), and Paris (where she lived for five years).

Where you recognize that style from: Material World” (October 2015)

What to expect from her Instagram: Patterns, colors and pure design envy. Antola has a knack for capturing the bold, bright and beautiful around the world.

Where else you can find her: Website: www.antolaphoto.com / Instagram: @jessicaantola / Twitter: @JessicaAntola

5. Adam Golfer
New York, NY

Adam Golfer is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York, currently in the MFA Fine Arts program at Hunter College. Adam’s photographs and films utilize personal narratives to explore the documentation, refraction and retelling of histories. He has exhibited in New York and Washington, and contributes to TIME, Die Zeit
and The Guardian Magazine.

Keep an eye out for that style: Golfer shot a story about the Balkans which will be published in early 2016.

What to expect from his Instagram: Retro inspiration in a light sepia tone, beautiful evening silhouettes, quirky slice-of-life moments and videos, and a few ironically amusing things Golfer comes across in life.

Where else you can find him: Website: www.adamgolfer.com / Instagram: @adamgolfer

6. Peter Bohler
Los Angeles, CA

Peter Bohler grew up in rural New Jersey, where his Swiss-American parents raised sheep and made pottery. He shoots documentary and portrait stories for publications such as the New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Time, Outside, GQ, and, of course, AFAR. He was named one of Photo District News Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2015.

Where you recognize that style from: Full of Grace” (August/September 2014) and “The Lure of Patagonia” (August/September 2015).

What to expect from his Instagram: A behind-the-scenes look at a photographer’s life, creative silhouettes, envy-inducing food shots, and the kind of big-sky outdoors pictures that make you feel small.

Where else you can find him: Website: www.peterbohler.com / Instagram: @peterbohler

7. Kari Medig
Nelson, British Colombia 

Kari Medig grew up in the northern Canadian wilderness with parents who drove a ’73 Ford Bronco and forced him to cross-country ski. They photographed wild mushrooms with matching Nikons which Medig inherited when he started developing his own pictures. He now wanders the world in search of exotic skiers to pose for his camera.

Where you recognize that style from: Surfing on Canada’s Far Side” (January 2015) and “A Mile Into The Sky” (January/February 2015).

What to expect from his Instagram: The kind of dreamy fog and snow shots that make you wish it was always winter, some spectacular light-play, and enough adrenaline-inducing mountain biking photographs to hold you over until it’s ski season again.

Where else you can find him: Website: http://www.karimedigphoto.com / Instagram: @kari_medig

8. Joaquin Trujillo
New York, NY; Mexico; Los Angeles, CA

Joaquin Trujillo is an artist, curator, and editor. He was raised in a small town on the outskirts of Zacatecas, Mexico where traveling back and forth from LA to Mexico became a way of life, a sort of nomadic stability. Still, with one bag always packed, he calls Brooklyn home but his commercial practice continues to lead him all over the world.

Where you recognize that style from: A Chip off the Old Bloc” (May/June 2011), “Varanasi: India’s Soul City” (June/July 2014), “Europe’s Most Enigmatic City” (June/July 2013)

What to expect from his Instagram: A riot of bright, beautifully saturated color, mouthwatering and geometric from-above food shots, and some truly inspirational portraits and self-portraits (that are too good to be called selfies!).

Where else you can find him: Website: http://www.joaquintrujillo.net / Instagram: @joaquintrujillo / Facebook: Joaquin Trujillo

9. Alexi Hobbs
Montreal, Quebec

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Alexi Hobbs is a freelance photographer living and working in Montreal. His diaristic work revolves around the tension behind ambiguous narratives as told through juxtaposed  images and layered meanings. It has been exhibited in Canada, the USA, and in Russia. In 2012 and 2013, he was a winner in the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward competition for emerging photographers. He  regularly shoots editorial work for Time, Monocle, Bloomberg Businessweek, AFAR, The New York Times, and more, and loves every minute of it.

Where you recognize that style from: The French Connection” (January/February 2012), “Resident: Nathalie Bondil and Montreal’s Museum Mile” (November/ December 2014)

What to expect from his Instagram: A balance between crisp behind-the-scenes, on-set shots and outtakes from his professional shoots, short image-driven videos, and everyday moments filled with poignancy and central focus points.

Where else you can find him: Website: alexihobbs.com / Instagram: @alexihobbs
Tumblr: alexihobbs

10.Grant Harder
Vancouver, British Colombia

Grant Harder was born and raised in Prince George, BC. He now resides in the East Vancouver neighborhood of Strathcona. When not traveling or playing in the mountains, he can be found working with his carpenter wife as they renovate their 112-year-old home.

Where you recognize that style from: Hong Kong Now” (October 2014)

What to expect from his Instagram: The human aspect of adventure inspiration, lots of misty mountain ranges, long stretches of road paired with rear-view mirrors, and the lively streets of international cities punctuated with pops of color.

Where else you can find him: Website: grantharder.com / Instagram: @grantharder

11. Jason Florio

Jason Florio is an award-winning photojournalist who has covered stories from Afghanistan to Suriname. His spiritual home is NYC, but Africa has preoccupied much of his time for the past two years. From a base in The Gambia, he set out with his wife to make the first source to sea expedition of the 1130km River Gambia. He is a proud Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society.

Where you recognize that style from: Runner’s High” (July/August 2012)

What to expect from his Instagram: Florio and his wife, photography and expedition producer Helen Jones-Florio, share their Instagram. It’s a mix of the snapshot travels of two photographers and deep, emotional looks into some of the countries in which they work, from the people of The Gambia to refugees in Malta.

Where else you can find him: Website: floriophoto.com, photostellstories.org / Instagram: @floriotravels

12. Dustin Aksland 
Brooklyn, NY

Dustin Aksland is a Brooklyn-based photographer originally hailing from Modesto, CA. His photographs have been exhibited internationally and his assignment work has landed in him in some pretty interesting situations including locker rooms with the best bull riders in the world, tours with rock-n-roll bands, and deep in Rajasthan’s Thar dessert with traveling musicians. In addition to AFAR, you you can find his work in The New York Times, T Magazine, Esquire, W and Elle.

Where you recognize that style from: Dreamweavers” (August/September 2015)

What to expect from his Instagram: The eclectic and artistic side of a photographer’s life, outtakes and portraits that are equal parts subject and intricate background, and some glamour shots of a french bulldog.

Where else you can find him: Website: dustinaksland.com / Instagram: @dustinaksland

13. Jake Stangel 
San Francisco, CA

Jake Stangel’s favorite superhero is Missy Elliott. When not taking photographs, he can be found riding his bicycle way up in Marin County, scanning film, camping, or eating crunchy toast over the kitchen sink.

Where you recognize that style from: San Francisco’s Fresh Catch” (November/December 2015)

What to expect from his Instagram: Rolling Northern California hills and winding coastlines, beautiful, almost candid-like portraits, geometric moments in daily life, and of course, lots and lots of bikes.

Where else you can find him: Website: jakestangel.com / Instagram: @jakestangel

14. Muhammad Fadli 
Jakarta, Indonesia

Muhammad Fadli is a freelance photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia and working mostly on documentary, portrait, and travel photography. Currently he is doing a collaborative documentary long-term project with a writer called The Banda Journal. It will be published continuously in a soon-to-be-launched multimedia website thebandajournal.org

Where you recognize that style from: “My Old Man & The Sea” (Jan/Feb 2015)

What to expect from his Instagram: The many sides of Indonesia—from moody city shots and bold portraits to expressive moments of costal life, as well as a haunting series of black-and-whites from refugee camps in Serbia and Croatia.

Where else you can find him: Website: muhammadfadli.com / Instagram: @mfimages

15. Benjamin Rasmussen 
Denver, CO

Benjamin Rasmussen spent his childhood with an indigenous people group on an island in the southern Philippines, his university years with evangelicals in a small town in northern Arkansas, and a year with the descendants of Vikings in the Faroe Islands, a nation of 45,000 residents in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Keep an eye out for that style: “For the Love of the Game” (January/February 2016)

What to expect from his Instagram: A peek into the life of a photographer—from on-set shots, to outtakes and samples of projects, to snaps of traveling moments (think: airplanes). Also, don’t miss the pumpkin carved to look like Drake(!!).

Where else you can find him: Website: benjaminrasmussenphoto.com / Instagram: @benjaminras / Tumblr: benjaminrasmussen.tumblr.com

16. Emiliano Granado 
Brooklyn, NY

Emiliano Granado was born in Argentina. He is a man of few words and those words, in short, are “pushing beyond mediocrity. Tacos, sunglasses, good hair.”

Where you recognize that style from: New York State of Mind” (November/December 2014)

What to expect from his Instagram: Bold and graphic in neons (both the color and the lights), refreshingly empty landscapes, lots of striking profile portraits against single-color backgrounds, plenty of multimedia work

Where else you can find him: Website: emilianogranado.com / Instagram: @quesofrito

17. Ériver Hijano 
Berlin, Germany

Ériver Hijano is a freelance editorial photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in a small town outside of São Paulo, Brazil, he ditched the balmy shores of South America to study photography in Canada, spent a lot of time in North America, a little time in Oceania, and finally settled in Europe. Ériver is a frequent contributor to a number of international magazines and there’s nowhere he wouldn’t go to snap a good photo.

Where you recognize that style from:  “Holy Khao” (August/September 2015), “Jump In” (June/July 2015), and “Amsterdam Reframed” (January/February 2016)

What to expect from his Instagram: Peopled places with a lazy Sunday afternoon vibe: pops of color of people on beaches or in parks, or dangling their legs off the quays of Berlin.

Where else you can find him: Website: eriverhijano.com / Instagram: @eeeriver / Tumblr: eeeriver.tumblr.com

Scenes from Paris Fashion Week, on Wednesday, October 7, 2015
18. Landon Nordeman
New York City, NY

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Landon Nordeman loves color. He loves details, and body language, and gestures and seeks out indecisive moments. When photographing, he has an idea of what he’s looking for but only truly knows when he sees it. His fine art projects and commercial and editorial photography has been features in The New Yorker, The New York Magazine, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Saveur, ESPN The Magazine, National Geographic, W, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and of course, AFAR.

Keep an eye out for that style: Look for Nordeman’s images of Tokyo in an early 2016 issue.

What to expect from his Instagram: High fashion and art photography from around the world, colors, shadows and a whole lot of tension.

Where else you can find him: Website: landonnordeman.com / Instagram: @landonnordeman

19. Andrew Rowat
New York City, NY; Shanghai

Andrew Rowat was determined not to be a photographer, but after graduating from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver with a degree in Marine Biology and moving to China where he worked for a State-owned Chinese carpet company, Rowat finally had to give in to his passion for photography. Since then, he has been honored with a PDN30 award, as well as awards from the Magenta Foundation, Px3, and the APA. Today he splits his time between New York City and Shanghai and his work can be found in Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Esquire, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Wallpaper, Monocle, and Dwell. Andrew’s fine art can be found in the Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto.

Where you recognize that style from:Vietnam’s Bowl of Secrets” May/June 2012, “Later I Thought, OK…” and “Beyond Bibimbap” (May 2015)

What to expect from his Instagram: An eclectic and vibrant mix of images, from meticulously composed food shots to intricate architecture.

Where else you can find him: Website: andrewrowat.com / Instagram: @andrewrowat

20. Mathias Depardon
Istanbul, Turkey

Mathias Depardon was raised in France, Belgium and the USA. After studying communication and journalism in Brussels, Mathias briefly joined the Belgian national newspaper Le Soir before devoting himself to journalism and feature work. His immersive process and slower approach to journalism allow for comprehensive bodies of work that reveal and frame important social, economic and political issues. He is the Laureate of the Bourse du Talent in 2011 for his reportage “Beyond The Borders.”

Where you recognize that style from: Wake Up Call” (May 2015)

What to expect from his Instagram: Tangible and eyeopening #onassignment images throughout the Middle East with a special focus on people, as well as almost wistful seaside vacation shots.

Where else you can find him: Website: mathiasdepardon.com / Instagram: @mathiasdepardon

21. João Canziani
Brooklyn, NY

João was born in Lima, Peru. He spent his youth avoiding team sports and drawing elaborate blueprints for things like minivans that turned into submarines. João found the perfect amalgam of art and engineering when he inherited his father’s old Pentax. After completing a degree in Psychology in Canada, he studied photography at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, executing slick fashion shoots. But it was his intensely personal images he shot in Lima that first attracted magazines such as the Fader and Travel & Leisure to his work, earning João recognition as one of PDN’s 30 in 2005. João is based in New York City.

Where you recognize that style from:Si Cocinas Como Caminas” (May 2015) “My Galapagos” (November/December 2015)

What to expect from his Instagram: Personality-filled portraits, natural color contrasts and textures, and lots of sunlight both in New York and on the road.

Where else you can find him: Website: joaocanziani.com / Instagram: @joaocanziani

22. Alex Cretey Systermans
Paris, France

Alex Cretey Systermans has been recognized by the SFR Jeunes Talents Paris Photo Award in 2013. He is a regular contributor for publications such as The New York Times, enRoute, Le Monde and others. His photographs are part of international collections and have been exhibited worldwide.

Keep an eye out for that style: Systermans has an upcoming story about Burgundy that will be published in 2016.

What to expect from his Instagram: Golden and green hues in quiet, family-filled beach shots, lots of foliage, intense portraits and outtakes of editorial and fashion shoots.

Where else you can find him: Website: http://www.systermans.com / Instagram: @Alex_Cretey_Systermans / Travel Tumblr: metapresquile.tumblr.com / Facebook: Alex Cretey / Twitter: @alexcretey / Tumblr: systermans.tumblr.com

23. Nick Greece
Salt Lake City, UT

Nick Greece is the editor for the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association’s magazine. His globetrotting kicked off with a vacation from school in 1993 when he traveled through Peru and hiked the Inca trail to a sunrise arrival in Machu Picchu. In 2001, Greece began paragliding, and over the last 14 years he has flown in more than 30 countries, and enjoyed the cultural exploration that paragliding provides. In the last six years, Greece has sat on the Board of Directors for the Cloudbase Foundation, a non-profit that works with communities where free flight pilots practice their sports, which has taken him to coordinate projects in Haiti, Nepal, and Malawi.

Where you recognize that style from: We profiled Greece in our Nomad column (November/December 2010).

What to expect from his Instagram: Stunning shots of paragliding around the—over vast deserts, mountains and beautifully blue lakes—as well as vibrant shots of life in the places he lands.

Where else you can find him: Instagram: @nicgreece

24. Chiara Goia
Milan, Italy

Chiara Goia is a documentary and fine art photographer who’s work concentrates on the relationship of people with the environment they inhabit. She is based in Italy and she travels extensively, mostly in Asia.

Where you recognize that style from: “Kerala’s Slow Food” (March/April 2014)

What to expect from her Instagram: Moody nature and dreamy seasides from Asia to Italy as well as portraits featuring quietly surprising moments and subtle pops of color.

Where else you can find her: Instagram: @chiaragoia / Website: www.chiaragoia.com

25. Markel Redondo
Bilbao, Spain

Markel Redondo discovered photography in the early 2000s while living in the UK. He headed East to study photojournalism in China and moved back to Europe in 2007 where he splits his time between Spain and France. His work focuses largely on social and environmental issues and he has worked with clients including Greenpeace, WWF, UNHCR and Red Bull.

Where you recognize that style from: Spain Lets Loose” (May/June 2012).

What to expect from his Instagram: Creative angles, melancholy overcast Basque skies, candid-feeling portraits and plenty of “on assignment” peeks at his documentary photography.

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Where else you can find him: Website: markelredondo.com / Instagram: @markelredondo / Facebook: Markel Redondo

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