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16 Incredible Vintage Photos of London

By Diana Smith and Sarah Purkrabek

Jul 9, 2015

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Known for intelligent-sounding accents, an adorable royal family (we’re looking at you, George and Charlotte), fish and chips, Harry Potter, and a culture that’s stood the test of time, London is a rightfully proud city. It goes without saying that it’s cool to be British. The only thing cooler? The nostalgia of 20th-century London. Here, 20 vintage London photos that capture those special moments from the past.

Header photo of the remodeled Parliament Square, mid 1950s, courtesy Leonard Bentley/FlickrAll other photos also from Flickr courtesy Leonard Bentley unless otherwise noted.

Vintage photo of London: Kew GardensTea and hats in the garden. Kew Gardens Pavilion, circa 1929. Photo courtesy James Morley/Flickr.

Vintage photo of London: Trafalgar Square

Feeding the birds in Trafalgar Square, circa 1950.

Vintage photo of London: River ThamesWorking hard or hardly working in the River Thames near Lambeth Bridge, circa 1930.

Vintage photo of London: Police constable“Step lively!” A London police constable directs traffic in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral, circa late 1960s.

Vintage photo of London: London Six cycle race Ride on! The 1967 London Six, a six-day cycle race at Earl’s Court. Photo courtesy Brian Townsley/Flickr.

Vintage photo of London: Officers of Marlborough Rd Before the Beatles, there were the officers of Marlborough Road. Photo circa 1935.

Vintage photo of London: St. Thomas Hospital patientsSome fresh air for tuberculosis patients at St. Thomas’ Hospital, circa 1935.

Vintage photo of London: Woman flirting with policemanThe art of flirting. June 1929, Charing Cross Post Office.

Vintage photo of London: Ludgate Circus Ludgate Circus, circa 1928. Notice the police constable operating the traffic lights.

Vintage photo of London: Trams on Westminster Bridge Trams on Westminster Bridge and St. Thomas’ Hospital in the background, circa 1950.

Vintage photo of London: Hyde ParkInto Hyde Park on horseback, circa mid 1950s.

Vintage photo of London: Tower BridgeBoat tour on the Thames, 1938, and Tower Bridge looking good in black and white. Photo courtesy Richard/Flickr.

Vintage photo of London: Trafalgar Square lionsTrafalgar Square, 1950. The lion’s front paws were removed for repair after being damaged in 1941 by a bomb.

Vintage photo of London: Tulse Hill Hotel and tram“All aboard!”—horse-drawn tram and the Tulse Hill Hotel.

Vintage photo of London: Parliament SquareParliament Square circa 1926. So much space to walk around!

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