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13 Stunning Vintage Photos of Paris

By Sarah Purkrabek

Jun 11, 2015

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Paris. It’s a city for romance and self discovery, for glamor, sophistication, and exploration. Paris is, in a word, timeless. But just because it ages well doesn’t mean it doesn’t age. We reached into the past and pulled some vintage moments back to the present. Here, thirteen photos that position you in the heart of the past, surrounded by the old City of Light.


Taking a stroll. Photo by Ulisse Albiati.


“Views of the Paris rooftops…taken from old coloured slides,” captured in April 1970. Photo via Barry Lewis.


A good place to have a seat. Photo by bertnot, 1980.


Those cobblestone streets. 1950s Paris via KKB.

Notre-Dame_un_Soir_de_Neige,_Paris,_1953._Photo_by_Albert_MonierCafe Brasserie Esmeralda at Pont St. Louis, 1953. Photo by Albert Monier via whatsthatpicture.

magazine-250069_1920The latest fashions within hand’s reach. Photo via cocoparisienne.

15936488649_760b58ae79_oWandering through the City of Lights. Photo via Christopher Michel.

5596047370_50f827ef4f_bMid-century “traffic” at the Academie Nationale de Musique (Paris Opera). Photo via Josh Graciano.


Trousers dress from Paris, 1914. Chic, comfortable, and fashion-forward. Well done, Paris. Photo via pennyspitter.

Crowds_of_French_patriots_line_the_Champs_Elysees-edit2French patriots lining the Champs Elysees on August 26, 1944. Photo via Jack Downey, U.S. Office of War Information.


Sunsets and friends. Photo by bertknot, 1980.


From Paris Match magazine, 1966. When smoking was considered to be sophisticated. Photo via Tiffany Terry.


Just lovely. Photo by Col. Philip B. Foote, 1945, via Googie Man.

Top photo by Barbara Ann Spengler.

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