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11 Pinterest Travel Boards You Should Follow Right Now

By Diana Smith

Apr 2, 2015

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Pinterest is an endless source of travel inspiration (hey, even we use it!). But there are millions of amazing travel boards out there—which should you look at first? Well, we’ve found collections from bloggers and superstar pinners that will take your wanderlust one step further, and maybe compel you to actually book that trip of a lifetime. Here are 12 of AFAR’s favorite boards.

1. Wanderlust (pictured above)
by Jennifer Chong–See and Savour

Could nearly 2 million followers be wrong? We don’t think so. Jennifer Chong’s Wanderlust board is filled with over 400 pins from every corner of the world. From landscapes and cities to animals and homes, this board is your round-the-world trip waiting to happen.


 2. Looks
by Humans of New York 

Photographer Brandon Stanton captures the soul of New York City with his photographs. The HONY Looks board is a selection of the approximately 500,000 portraits Stanton has taken.

Places to Visit Before You Die

3. Places to Visit Before You Die
created by 100 Places To Visit Before You Die

Looking for more places to add to your wanderlist? With 1,800 pinners, the Places to Visit Before You Die group board will give a frenzy of places to add.

Travel Tips

4. Travel Tips
by Caz and Craig @yTravelBlog


After a five-year honeymoon, Caz and Craig are no strangers to traveling, which is why we love their Travel Tips board. Hundreds of pins provide information like how to breeze through airport security, how to save money on a road trip, and even how to use Pinterest to plan your next trip.

Adventure Awaits

5. Adventure Awaits
created by Tammie

We love a good adventure travel board! In addition to mountain climbers and skydivers, the Adventure Awaits group board rallies pinners to also post pictures of festivals, activities and other interactions with locals, showing us that there is, in fact, always some kind of adventure that awaits us when we travel.


6. Animales
by Manuel Miguel Carbonell

Lions and pandas and birds, oh my! Carbonell’s Animales board is a vivid display of wild creatures that will bring you up close with the animal kingdom.


7. #LoveMyCity
by Shinola

The U.S. product company recently started asking people to write down what they loved about their city. Photos of the handwritten notes and the authors on the #LoveMyCity board not only encourage discovering we love about our hometowns, but inspire us to travel too.

World Trip

8. World Trip
by Elaine Nasser

Elaine Nasser undoubtedly has an eye for a good photograph. Think you’re in love with only a few countries? Her World Trip board will make you fall in love with the whole world.

International Recipes

9. International Recipes to Try
created by Anetta - The Wanderlust Kitchen 

For when you want to reminisce about your last trip to Vietnam, or plan for your next trip Argentina, pinners from all over share International Recipes to Try.

Real Beauty

10. Real Beauty
by DesignGood


DesignGood’s Real Beauty board is a bright array of photographs celebrating the people, places, architecture, and textiles that make up our world’s cultures. From mosaic walls in Uzbekistan to Indian damasks to pink desert sands, the vibrant colors and textures from these pins will grab your attention instantly.

Everyone's Creative Travel Spot

11. Everyone’s Creative Travel Spot
 created by Hannes Wimmer

Everyone’s Creative Travel Spot is a group board for the “#TravelEnthusiast.” Pinners are encouraged to share their own photos of their favorite “village, city, region, country” or wherever in the universe! And with with over 430,000 pins (some from yours truly), even the most experienced traveler is bound to discover new places on this board.

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