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10 Best Travel Instagrams From Last Week

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Natural History Museum, London

Natural History Museum, London

The best of the best featured on @afarmedia last week

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As much as we may love a good winter wonderland, we often find ourselves yearning for an escape from the season's weather. Last week on #traveldeeper we found that escape, from the golden dunes of the UAE to the beaches of Rio and Miami. We dreamed about cruises on the Nile and beautiful morning paddles on an ice-free Lake Louise. But most of all, we agreed that hiding out in a beautiful museum like the Natural History Museum in London (pictured above) just may be the best place to while away the winter days. Check out the rest of the top 10 below and don't forget to follow @afarmedia and tag your photos #traveldeeper for a chance to be featured next week!

2. Zhouzhuang, China
It's no surprise that the ancient water town of Zhuozhuang is known as the Venice of China. Photo by @stturn#traveldeeper

3. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
Can every day start with a morning boat ride? Yes, please! Photo by @sarahirenemurphy#traveldeeper 

4. United Arab Emirates
Desert dreaming. Photo by @parkhyatt. #traveldeeper

5. Seattle, Washington
That moment when the pilot says "flight attendants, please prepare for landing" is always so thrilling. Photo by our deputy editor @jenniferleeflowers#traveldeeper 

6. Copacabana, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Beach daze at the Copacabana. (Feel free to dance to that song for the rest of the day.) Photo by @lukeesh#traveldeeper 

7. Dolomites, Italy
@kympham has us on the lookout for miniature churches nestled in the grandeur of the Dolomites. #traveldeeper 

8. Nile River, Cairo, Egypt
@judeajohnson, can we join you for a boat trip down the Nile? #traveldeeper 

9. Church of the Savior on Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia
According to @tramontanetravel, the interior of St. Petersburg's Church of the Savior on Blood has more square feet of mosaics than any other church in the world. #traveldeeper 

10. Miami Beach, Miami, Florida
Basking in those sherbert-colored beach vibes today with @shelby_pollard#traveldeeper

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