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As AFAR prepares to explore New Orleans at AFAR Experiences from May 18 to May 20, we asked the members of the AFAR Travel Advisory Council for their favorite places in a city that is continually reinventing itself. 

1. For a taste of local history, Judy Perl of Judy Perl Worldwide Travel suggests Napoleon House, a 200-year-old bar and restaurant “famous for their Pimm’s Cup” that serves “the best muffaletta in town.”

2. Shelby Donley of Camelback Odyssey Travel heads to Bullet's Sports Bar for live music played by “some of the city’s finest musicians. It’s a regular gig for worldfamous trumpeter Kermit Ruffins.” 

3. Acme Oyster House is “a must if you are a fan of oysters fixed every which way,” says Katie Cadar of TravelStore. Bivalve obsessives have been hunkering over the worn marble counters since 1910.

4. Lauren Maggard of Jet Set World Travel sends folks to the famous “Café du Monde for coffee and beignets, of course.” At this institution, the rich chicory café au lait and sugar-dusted French donuts always hit the spot.

5. In a city known for its hearty po’boys, Josh Alexander of ProTravel International says “Domilise’s is tops.” Known for their oldschool classics, Domilise’s makes sandwiches that are “a favorite of locals uptown.” 

6. For a taste of life along the River Road, Katie Cadar directs visitors to Oak Alley Plantation, a “beautiful antebellum mansion” tucked into a crook of the Mississippi River about an hour from town.

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7. John Clifford of International Travel Management says “a visit to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum (SoFAB)” is a must for a deeper look at the food culture, and includes an exhibit devoted to absinthe. 

8. “The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is a can’t-miss,” says Betty Jo Currie of Currie & Co Travels Unlimited. This museum highlights Southern artists from Mississippi painter Walter Anderson to Richard Sexton and his haunting photographs of the constantly changing Gulf landscape. 

9. Don’t miss Port of Call, a “world-class dive” that’s “dark even on the sunniest day” and has a cult following for their hamburgers that are “crazy big and good, according to Judy Perl.

10. William Kiburz of Coronet Travel suggests a crawl of “live jazz on Frenchmen Street” where you’ll hear the sounds that define the city emanating from club after club. Focus on the 600 block where Snug Harbor, d.b.a., and The Spotted Cat keep the lineup tight.

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