The Afar Guide to
Weekend Getaways

Say Yes to Spontaneous Travel

Let’s make it the summer of spontaneity: Between May and September there are a grand total of 13 weekends, and that provides a lot of potential for fun. We’ve got ideas for what to do every single moment. No matter where you live—city or country, east or west—these are escapes that will make you feel worlds away from your day to day. Whether it's a road trip, a short flight, or a hometown staycation, a couple of days away can make all the difference.

International Getaways
For East Coasters, Europe is entirely accessible for a weekend getaway. Or consider Mexico’s Caribbean coast for a taste of the tropics.
Country Getaways
No matter where you live, a country getaway can be both quick and fulfilling.
US City Getaways
Whether it’s a staycation or a city getaway, the rich arts, culture, and dining of America’s cities can make for a rewarding few days.
10 Ways to Make a Weekend Getaway Feel Like a Vacation
Two days can feel like two weeks if you plan it right.
Limit transportation time. You want to get to your destination with alacrity! So leave early to avoid traffic, or choose a place that’s close enough so that getting there doesn’t add stress. If you’re traveling further, consider overnighting on the way.
Extend your stay, even a little bit: leave Thursday night, or early on Friday. Getting to your destination before dinner on Friday can make all the difference.
A staycation can be a weekend getaway too. Book a room at a hotel or Airbnb, and get out of your day-to-day routine.
Maximize relaxation. Don’t check email unless you have to. Unplug.
Treat your getaway like a real vacation: do research about your destination, and make sure you’re getting the most benefit from your time.
If you’re traveling with children, make it feel special to them, too. Indulge them a little bit—maybe chocolate chip pancakes are off-limits when you’re home, but this weekend, all bets are off.
Make it a road trip: hitting two to three places over two to three days will feel like a longer trip.
Book a special dinner; get a spa treatment; or spend the day kayaking. A short trip filled with memories will be just as special as a long trip.
Explore somewhere new. Discovery can be just as fulfilling on a short trip.
Go solo. Connecting with new people—locals or other travelers—will push you to discover more.