The Afar Guide to
Business Travel

The spark of innovation

Business travel quickly becomes bland, tiring, and uninspiring unless you make a conscious choice to break out of your routine. Don’t just do flybys; it’s much more rewarding to immerse yourself in your destination, even if you’re there for just a short time. Plan your stay to energize and inspire yourself. Adding local flavor in liberal doses in between meetings may lead you to all sorts of innovative new ways to approach your work. Remember always that connecting with people and striving to understand the culture is a surefire way to derive deeper understanding, grow your network, and spark potentially life-changing ideas.

Extend Your Trip
Live a little; make a two-day trip into three days, and get out and enjoy the city.
Foster Creativity and Innovation
Get out of your comfort zone. It's the best way to start thinking creatively.
10 Ways to Maximize Your Business Travel
There’s no need for business travel to be tedious. Maximizing your time will allow you to get the most out of a destination, and will provide a constant fount of inspiration that can fuel your creativity.
Get inspired. Flights are a great opportunity to catch up on your reading. You can also download interesting TED Talks before your flight.
Network. Get to know your neighbor on that flight to New York, London, or Shanghai. You never know who might end up in the seat next to you.
Plan ahead. Make dinner reservations ahead of time for new restaurants you’ve wanted to try. Check for highlights in your destination, and create a trip plan that you can download to your phone.
Take a break. Canceled meeting? Make the best of it. Visit a nearby museum, relax in a local park, or simply stroll the neighborhood to refuel.
Stay local. Try a new neighborhood hotel with the help of our Afar Collection or Airbnb. You’ll get to meet the locals, make friends, and experience a new side of your destination.
Get a sense of place. Explore your surroundings before, after, and between meetings. Even better, extend your business trip with a personal day just for enjoying the destination.
Stay hydrated. Drink, drink, drink when you fly. Water, that is. Bring your own collapsible water bottle; most airports have water stations now.
Let them help you. If your business travel gets too complicated, use a travel agent. Finding the right one will make your life on the road a lot more relaxed.
Get a free massage. Pack a tennis ball; it makes a great massage gadget. Place it under your back or under the balls of your feet, to get the blood flowing.
Bring a sense of humor. It weighs nothing and makes (almost) everything possible.
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When you find a good transit hub, stop and stay a while. At the Grand Central Oyster Bar, belly up to the counter with tourists, commuters, and locals. Or bring colleagues for a meeting; there are tables in the back.  CHARISSA FAY
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The central business districts or financial districts of major cities will often also be a good place to find a place to drink. Ask a local for a recommendation, like this bar, Insitu, in Lima.  JEN MURPHY
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Renting a short-term apartment can be a great way to explore new neighborhoods, and avoid the trap of generic business hotels.  LINDSEY TRAMUTA
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Bike to your next meeting: In Denmark, over 50 percent of locals travel to work on bicycles.  GREG OATES
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Nina Dietzel, Business Travel Curator

Nina Dietzel travels for a living. She has contributed photography to the Huffington Post, the Culturist, Peter Greenberg Worldwide, AFAR Magazine, and She recently photographed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has collaborated with British sculptor and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy to document his latest Bay Area installation. In addition, she works with high-end hotels, resorts, and travel companies to position their brands more effectively.