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Hotel Akay, Selcuk, Selçuk, Turkey

Wanderlust Fulfilled in Istanbul


Istanbul, the only city in the world to straddle two continents. A city with the alluring combination of east meets west, and where old treasures sit alongside a new and modern world. Like a small child growing, you will marvel at Istanbul and you can't gaze too long before it captures your heart forever! Here is a growing collection of my favourite places to eat, stay, see and enjoy in Istanbul and Turkey.

Hotel Akay, Selcuk, Selçuk, Turkey

Homestyle hospitality for explorers of Ephesus

Hotel Akay, Selcuk
1054. Sk, Selçuk, Turkey
Hala Restaurant, Istanbul, Turkey

Take a Break from Shopping

Hala Restaurant
137 İstiklal Caddesi, Istanbul, Turkey
Sensus, Istanbul, Turkey

Indulge Your Wine 'Sensus'

Istanbul, Turkey
360 Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Sunset Cocktails over Istanbul

360 Istanbul
163 İstiklal Caddesi, Istanbul, Turkey
Konak Cafe, Istanbul, Turkey

One Seat, Two Continents

Konak Cafe
Istanbul, Turkey
Blue Cruise on the Mediterranean, Fethiye, Turkey

Cruise, Blue Cruise 007 style from Fethiye

Blue Cruise on the Med...
Atatürk Cd, Fethiye, Turkey
Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi, Istanbul, Turkey

Nargile with the Locals in Istanbul

Corlulu Ali Pasa Medre...
36 Yeniçeriler Cad., Istanbul, Turkey
Oriental Istanbul Tours to the Hidrellez Festival, Edirne, Turkey

Hidrellez Festival with Oriental Istanbul

Oriental Istanbul Tour...
Edirne, Turkey
My Local Guide Istanbul, Turkey

Off the Tourist Track in Istanbul

My Local Guide Istanbul
8 İncili Çavuş Sokak, Turkey
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No recommendations found. Add more highlights to see recommendations.