Khan El Khalili-Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Wonders

Collected by: Kristin Zibell
AFAR Ambassador

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Egypt is gratuitous in ancient wonders and modern culture. This list compiles the historic, the cultural, and the natural wonders of the must-visit country currently making more history.

Khan El Khalili-Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt

Stop and Smell the Spices

Khan El Khalili-Bazaar
Cairo, Egypt
Entrance gate Khufu Pyramid base, Nazlet El-Semman, Egypt

Arrival at the Pyramids Farewell Party

Entrance gate Khufu Py...
Nazlet El-Semman, Egypt
Al-Jizah, Tag El Dewal, Embaba, Giza, Al Munirah, Egypt

The Khamussin

Al-Jizah, Tag El Dewal...
Al Munirah, Egypt
Karnak, El Wahat El Kharga, Qena, Qesm Al Wahat Al Khargah, Egypt

The Needle of Hatshepsut

Karnak, El Wahat El Kh...
Qesm Al Wahat Al Khargah, Egypt
El Fishawy, Giza, Egypt

Hookah and Tea Mid-Market

El Fishawy
Giza, Egypt
Abu Simbel, Aswan, Egypt

The Magnificent Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel
Aswan, Egypt
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