Historical Wall, Cartagena, Colombia

Unusual Locations To Practice Yoga

Collected by: Erica Gragg
AFAR Contributor

Unusual (& Amazing) backdrops for yoga around the world!

Historical Wall, Cartagena, Colombia

If This Wall Could Talk- Yoga on the Fortress Wall

Historical Wall
54A2-54A100 Diagonal 21B, Cartagena, ...
Santa Catarina Palopó, Sololá, Guatemala

Helicopter Pad Yoga

Santa Catarina Palopó
Sololá, Guatemala
Yoga At The Temple Steps, Angkor Krau, Cambodia

Yoga At The Temple Steps

Yoga At The Temple Steps
Unnamed Rd, Angkor Krau, Cambodia
Island Yoga, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Yoga With A View

Island Yoga
Lokrum ulica, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Yoga in The Underground Cistern , Istanbul, Turkey

Yoga Underground

Yoga in The Undergroun...
Sultan Ahmet Cami, Istanbul, Turkey
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