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The Best Noodle Shops in Tokyo


Ivan Orkin, the American who shocked Japan with his outrageously good Tokyo noodle shop, Ivan Ramen, is opening a New York City outpost. He spent years navigating the hundreds of ramen restaurants in Tokyo. He says he tells newbies looking for a deep dive into ramen to do a crawl through the basement of Tokyo Station in the Marunouchi district. There you’ll find Tokyo Ramen Street, a collection of solid ramen shops such as Rokurinsha and Shichisai, run by some of the better operators in Japan.

Mutsumiya, Tokyo, Japan

Visit Hokkaido Without Leaving Tokyo

1−9−1 , Tokyo, Japan
Rokurinsha Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Ramen Worth the Wait

Rokurinsha Tokyo
1−9−1 , Tokyo, Japan
Ikaruga (Tokyo Station), Tokyo, Japan

Creamy Soup in a Fancy Atmosphere

Ikaruga (Tokyo Station)
1-9-1 , Tokyo, Japan
Menya Shichisai , Tokyo, Japan

The Best Pork in Tokyo

Menya Shichisai
Metropolitan Expressway Yaesu Route,...
豚骨醤油らーめん 福気 Fukki Ramen, Tokyo, Japan

Templars of Tonkotsu

豚骨醤油らーめん 福気 Fukki Ramen
1−1 2 Chome, Tokyo, Japan
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