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Be a Troglodyte: 5 Cave Lodgings We Love


Fred Flinstone never had it this good. Stay in cave hotels in Jamaica, Greece, Italy, France, and Turkey.

Kelebek Boutique Hotel, Göreme, Turkey

Troglodyte Lodgings: Kelebek Hotel in Göreme, T...

Kelebek Boutique Hotel
1 Yavuz Sok., Göreme, Turkey
Les Hautes Roches, Rochecorbon, France

Troglodyte Lodgings: Les Hautes Roches in Roche...

Les Hautes Roches
86 Quai de la Loire, Rochecorbon, France
Alexander's Boutique Hotel, Oia, Greece

Troglodyte Lodgings: Alexander’s Boutique Hotel...

Alexander's Boutique H...
Oia, Greece
Materàs Sassi, Matera, Italy

Troglodyte Lodgings: Hotel Sant’Angelo in Mater...

Materàs Sassi
89 Via San Giovanni Vecchio, Matera, ...
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