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Shanghai: China's Cosmopolitan Center


Shanghai is the Manhattan of the East. The pace is fast, the population is international, and fashion and finance are key industries. The megacity is a dynamic mix of past and future, with a growing culture of cafés, cocktails, and entrepreneurs.

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Former French Concession, Shanghai, China

Shanghai's Former French Concession Neighborhood

Former French Concession
86号 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Shanghai, C...
Xinlelu 五原路87号, Shanghai, China

Independent Fashion in the Former French Conces...

Xinlelu 五原路87号
87号 Wuyuan Rd, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China

Brilliant Reflections in Shanghai

Shanghai Museum of Glass
685号 Changjiang (West) Road, Shanghai...
Zhenlao Dafang, Shanghai, China

Pork Pastries Worth Waiting For

Zhenlao Dafang
536号 Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, ...
Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China

Ambiance, Redefined in Shanghai

18号 Zhongshan East 1st Road, Shanghai...
愚园路1107号, Shanghai, China

Elegant Design in Shanghai

1107号 Yuyuan Rd, Shanghai, China
Banyan Tree Shanghai On The Bund, Shanghai, China

Relax in Style Along the Huangpu River

Banyan Tree Shanghai O...
19号 Gongping Road, Shanghai, China
Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Center for Creativity in Shanghai

Rockbund Art Museum
20号 Huqiu Road, Shanghai, China
South Bund Fabric Market, Shanghai, China

Shanghai's South Bund Fabric Market

South Bund Fabric Market
399号 陆家浜路, Shanghai, China
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