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Hidden Vancouver: 8 Great Finds


Savannah Olsen, owner of the Old Faithful Shop, a store that stocks timeless handcrafted and heritage goods, such as heirloom wool army blankets and Edison light bulbs, takes us on a tour of the Gastown neighborhood, which is where Vancouver began—as the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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Pourhouse Vancouver Restaurant Gastown, Vancouver, Canada

Deceptively Simple: Pourhouse in Vancouver

Pourhouse Vancouver Re...
162 Water Street, Vancouver, Canada
Salt Tasting Room, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Hideaway

Salt Tasting Room
45 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver, Canada
Meat & Bread, Vancouver, Canada

Get the Special!

Meat & Bread
370 Cambie Street, Vancouver, Canada
Revolver, Vancouver, Canada

Coffee Nerd Paradise in Gastown

325 Cambie St, Vancouver, Canada
The Block, Vancouver, Canada

Where the Locals Shop in Vancouver

The Block
350 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, C...
Save-On-Meat Inc, Vancouver, Canada

A Revamped Gastown Diner

Save-On-Meat Inc
43 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, C...
One Of A Few, Vancouver, Canada

Always Chic At Vancouver's One Of A Few

One Of A Few
354 Water Street, Vancouver, Canada
Nelson the Seagull, Vancouver, Canada

Made from Scratch at Nelson the Seagull

Nelson the Seagull
315 Carrall Street, Vancouver, Canada
LYNNSteven Boutique, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver's Best Indie Boutique

LYNNSteven Boutique
225 Carrall Street, Vancouver, Canada
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