Surf School Muchik, Avenida Victor Larco, 650 Huanchaco, Huanchaco, PeruAfar thumbnail

Peru, Off the Tourist Path


Northwest Peru is home to some of the largest pre-Columbian archaeological sites in the Americas and one of the longest-breaking waves in the world. Yet this region, centered around the city of Trujillo, receives a fraction of the visitors who travel to Lima or Cuzco.

Surf School Muchik, Avenida Victor Larco, 650 Huanchaco, Huanchaco, Peru

Ride the Waves at Huanchaco Beach

Surf School Muchik, Av...
Malecon Grau, Huanchaco, Peru
Huacas del Sol y la Luna, Moche, Peru

Moche Temples of the Sun and Moon

Huacas del Sol y la Luna
Carretera campiña de moche, Moche, Peru
Chicama Surf Hotel and Spa Hotel, Puerto Malabrigo, Peru

Surfer's Paradise in Peru

Chicama Surf Hotel and...
Puerto Malabrigo, Peru
Reserva Ecologica Chaparri, Reserva Ecologica Chaparri, Peru

The Wildlife of Peru's Northern Forests

Reserva Ecologica Chap...
Reserva Ecologica Chaparri, Peru
Ruinas de Chan Chan, Trujillo Province, Peru

Peru's Imperial Past

Ruinas de Chan Chan
Trujillo Province, Peru
El Brujo Archaeological Complex, Ascope, Peru

Home to a High Priestess

El Brujo Archaeologica...
Ascope, Peru
Hotel Libertador, Victor Larco Herrera, Peru

Historical Lodgings in Trujillo

Hotel Libertador
485 Independencia, Victor Larco Herre...
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