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Central Market, Ljubljana, SloveniaAfar thumbnail

Ljubljana: A Cozy Corner of Europe


A winter trip to Slovenia is usually about skiing. But sticking to the slopes means missing some funkier charms. The Balkan nation’s capital, Ljubljana, has edged toward modernity, but that old Yugoslav heart still beats within the historic center and at the villager-run booths of the Christmas festival.

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Central Market, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Central Market
Pogačarjev trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Gostilna pri Lojzetu Kavčič Katija s.p., Vipava, Slovenia

Slovenia's Slow Food

Gostilna pri Lojzetu K...
11 Zemono, Vipava, Slovenia
Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa, Ljubljana, Slovenia

A Respite from Ljubljana's Bustle

Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa
10 Gosposka ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Movia Winery, Brda, Slovenia

Slovenia's Fine Wines

Movia Winery
18 Ceglo, Brda, Slovenia
Škocjan Caves, Divača, Slovenia

Škocjan Spelunking Splendor

Škocjan Caves
2 Škocjan, Divača, Slovenia
Velika Planina Ski Resort, Kamnik, Slovenia

Atop a Slovenian Mountain

Velika Planina Ski Resort
2 Kamniška Bistrica, Kamnik, Slovenia
Soča, Bovec, Slovenia

Sledding Slovenian Slopes

Soča, Bovec, Slovenia
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