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Il Palazzetto S. R. L., Rome, ItalyAfar thumbnail

A Local's Tour of the Heart of Rome


The Spanish Steps neighborhood is full of contrasts. We’ve got Via Condotti, filled with the big designer shops like Bulgari, Gucci, and Prada. Yet at the same time, there are age-old artisans like Lavori Artigianali Femminili. What I love about this area is that it is a real neighborhood. Yes, there are certainly tourists, but there are also those people who have been living here all their lives.

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Il Palazzetto S. R. L., Rome, Italy

A View over the Spanish Steps

Il Palazzetto S. R. L.
8 Vicolo del Bottino, Rome, Italy
Anglo American Book Co., Rome, Italy

Jonesing for some English Reading in Rome?

Anglo American Book Co.
102 Via della Vite, Rome, Italy
Hotel Locarno Rome, Rome, Italy

Where to Rest Your Head in Rome

Hotel Locarno Rome
22 Via della Penna, Rome, Italy
Gente Roma, Rome, Italy

Boutique Shopping Near the Spanish Steps

Gente Roma
185 Via del Babuino, Rome, Italy
Ciampini, Rome, Italy

People Watching in Piazza di San Lorenzo

29 Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, R...
Nino, Rome, Italy

Authentic Roman Eats

11 Via Borgognona, Rome, Italy
Lavori Artigianali Femminili, Rome, Italy

Artisanal Children's Clothing in Rome

Lavori Artigianali Fem...
6 Via di Capo le Case, Rome, Italy
Al Moro, Rome, Italy

Rome's Best: Al Moro

Al Moro
13 Vicolo delle Bollette, Rome, Italy
Giolitti, Rome, Italy

The Best Gelato in Rome

40 Via degli Uffici del Vicario, Rome...
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