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Is $1500 a safe amount for 6 weeks in India?

Posted on Mar 29, 2011

7 Answers

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David this should be enough without doing anything too over the top. Decent hotels in most big cities cost $100/$150 + but there is always the cheapo places. The YMCA in Delhi is a cheap okay place to stay. Take the public or tourist-class buses and get up to Manali and/or Leh for some hiking. Day hikes and overnights with a guide shouldn't be too pricey. In Leh, a decent hotel should cost from $30.

Posted Mar 29, 2011

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$1500 is safe but not a whole lot of money. india has gotten very expensive. if you want to stay in decent hotels and eat in good restaurants $1500 wil barely make it.

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Posted Apr 08, 2011

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Safe amount? Depends. But certainly possible. Big cities will put a strain on that $35/day budget. Small towns will be no problem. Bus and trains are fine, the overnight  "hard sleeper" train is comfortable despite the name, and cheap. Eating is almost always inexpensive.  I like going cheap, but if I were in your place, I'd feel a bit more comfortable if I could squeeze an extra $100. into that budget. Just in case.

Posted Mar 30, 2011

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Yes! If you are not living over the top!

Posted Mar 30, 2011

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I think you'll be fine so long as you have an adventurous spirit and aren't high maintenance.

Posted Mar 31, 2011

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Accommodations are the one thing that can break your budget.  You can stay at really nice places without spending a fortune in India.  It just takes a bit of research.  Here is a hostel website that you can use in India.   http://hostels.bootsnall.com/asia-india .   I'm happy to help you furhter in picking between places.  I think my most expensive meal in India was $6. US.  In Mumbai you must go to a good Thali restaurant.    I went to :  Golden Star Thali - 330, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Rd (Across from Charni Rd Station, Mumbai)  Amazing!  I was in Mumbai and then traveled south to Goa and Kerala and therefore I can't help on any travels North. 

Posted Apr 01, 2011

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You should be able to do India on that amount, but if that's all you have then you'll have to be especially careful about budgeting.

Posted Apr 10, 2011

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