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Derk Richardson
AFAR Editor

In the Feast department of the July/August issue of Afar magazine, Marie Doezema writes about Turin, Italy's iconic hot beverage, bicerin, prepared with layers of coffee, chocolate, and cream. Where have you sipped this or a similar comforting concoction?

Posted on Jun 03, 2011

3 Answers

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The most recent one I sipped was served at Eataly, the Italian supermarket/cafe/restaurant/beer garden, etc, on 5th Avenue and 23rd Street in New York City where $2 buys you a tiny glass of heaven. If you can't go sip it in Torino and  If you are in the NYC area, stop in to Eataly for a fantasy trip to your favorite Italian town. It is a bit pricey but well worth the trip. 

Posted Jun 04, 2011

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I just made this at home. It's decadence in a glass. I can't possibly go back to drinking Starbucks' mochas again. Bravo, Afar, for showing me the light. :)

Posted Jun 08, 2011

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Excellent, Justin. Well done. I had a strong craving while editing that story and had to go out and settle for a mocha--it was a good one, but just not the same.

Posted on Jun 08, 2011

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I was lucky enough to sip a bicerin in Turin! Between the richness of dark chocolate, the kick of espresso and the velvety luxury of frothed cream, it was just the comfort I needed from the rainy afternoon outside.

Loved it so much, I wrote more about it here.

Posted Jun 11, 2011

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