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I would like to plan a road trip from Paris to Sicily next year. I've been to Paris, Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi, and Catania. Does anyone have any good driving roots? And fun places to see and stay ? I would like to mix it up with cheap areas with more expensive. I'd appreciate any advice, Thanks

Posted on Feb 15, 2011

3 Answers

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How long a trip? Figure the driving will take longer than you think, and is more stressful -although if you're from Santa Monica, it might be a vacation! Head over the Alps via Domodossola, you can even put your car on a funky train to go under the Alps, and the route is less-traveled than thru the Gotthard or the San Bernadino. If you get tired of driving, park outside the city walls in Lucca and stay inside - very cool town. There are neat places to rent in old towers and palaces there, not too pricey. www.homeaway.com ..that's a start...

Posted Feb 24, 2011

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I'm hoping to stay for 3 weeks.  I know driving sounds odd but I like the idea of seeing places that the train wouldn't otherwise allow. I may change my mind once I get there though :) Thanks for the tips, I can't wait to go through the Alps.

Posted on Mar 06, 2011

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if you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay in Paris, you should check out Mama Shelter, a Phillippe Starck-designed hotel. they often offer special rates for certain nights of the week on their website: www.mamashelter.com. it's not the best part of town, but they have a cool bar and restaurant and i loved staying there. there are a couple of pics on my blog: blog: http://jesusyearproject.com/post/2794347655/gimme-shelter

Posted Feb 18, 2011

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Thanks what a great hotel.

Posted on Mar 06, 2011

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In Sicily, if you're driving, don't miss Erice!  Just up the hill from Trapani..... Beautiful.

Posted Feb 21, 2011

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Wow, Erice looks beautiful ! Thanks for the tip.

Posted on Mar 06, 2011

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