I will have about 10 days in Colombia...suggestions as to what I 'must see'?

Posted on Jan 15, 2011

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James Sturz
AFAR Contributor

No doubt you'll start in Bogotá: the gold museum and La Calendaria district are both interesting. After that, it depends what you like. You can head to the north coast and visit Cartagena and Tayrona, or head west and visit Cali and perhaps Isla Gorgona or Utría National Park.  For more on Gorgona, check this out:

Posted Jan 15, 2011

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Of course it is a matter of what you are interested in, and James has made some excellent suggestions. I will add that I loved San Agustin, both for the archaeological site, and also for the town. It really seemed "off the tourist track," although that was quite a few years ago. Another town I really enjoyed was Popayan. I was there before all the chaos and violence of the past few years, and Colombia was one of my favorite countries in South America.

Posted Jan 15, 2011

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