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Tara Guertin
AFAR Staff

I was told euros are the best currency to take to cuba..and cash... Does anyone have any other helpful hints to make getting around a little easier?

Posted on Feb 10, 2011

1 Answer


In addition to Elaine's auggestions from above:

Dry foods for snacking - energy bars, trail mix, bubblegum, anti-diarrea med in case, headache medicine,Toilet paper, little tissue packets - easy to carry. wet wipes, hand sanitizer, towel - most places provide but just in case, favorite feminine products - theirs is really bad quality..., Vitamins, airborne, vitamin c. If you're gonna cook - spices. chapstick.


Write or print out all your contact info b/c you never know when internet will be down or electricity.

They do use the same outlets but beware that their electrical currents aren't standard so your stuff could blow up....

If I'll think about anything else I will add later.

Posted Feb 11, 2011

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