Hello. Has anyone traveled internationally with toddlers and/or babies? Specifically, Brazil, India, Nepal or Vietnam? Trying to pick a destination and would love to hear from those who have explored these places with young children/babies. Mine are 5 months & 2.5 years old.

Posted on Jan 05, 2012

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We went with our children a couple of times to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Rio das Pedras). I don't know what kind of trip you are planning bit cities like Rio de Janeiro, San Salvador de Bahia and Maceio are safe if you move in appropriate areas. Consider that you have availability of several water activities, tours in boats, etc that your baby  won't enjoy.
Resorts like Club Med Rio das Pedras are fully equipped for families with toddlers and have very good service.

Posted Jan 06, 2012

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