Has anyone taken the Artesia night train from Venice to Paris? Was there much motion while trying to sleep? We're light sleepers and wondering if an overnight train is a good option for us, or if we'll be exhausted the next day.

Posted on Mar 22, 2011

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I've taken the night train from Naples to Venice, spent the day in Venice, and then taken the overnight train again from Venice to Paris. There is motion on the train, and quite a bit of starting and stopping, especially in the earlier part of the trip.

More important than the motion, in my mind, will be your ability to secure a private sleeping berth. My husband and I were able to secure a  2-person compartment from Naples to Venice, but we had to share a  4-person compartment from Venice to Paris. Our compartment-mates, while polite, were noisy when they arrived (at 11pm) and made frequent trips in and out of the room to smoke. Worse yet, they snored.

We would have purchased the 2-person compartment, had one be available, so if you decide to go for it make sure you book your couchette well ahead of time!


Happy travels,



Posted Mar 23, 2011

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Thanks Emily!  That sounds like potential misery.  We are going to be using a Eurail pass (1st Class).  So Artesia says it's a private cabin.  I hope they are accurate.

Thanks for the advice!!

Posted on Mar 24, 2011

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