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Authentic Dosas in the Middle of London

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There are lots of places to get Indian food in London, but it takes effort to find a good, authentic South Indian dosa.

There are authentic dosas in Brick Lane, Wembley and Southall, London's best-known South Asian enclaves. But getting to those spots can take awhile. To find a dosa closer to the heart of London, head to Woodlands.

Woodlands is a small vegetarian Indian chain that until recently focused mainly on South Indian cuisine. It now serves both North and South Indian dishes, and dosas are among the items it does best.

Dosas are crepes made from a mixture of fermented rice and lentils. They are a South Indian specialty often filled with spiced potatoes and usually served with sambar and chutney for dipping.

I have had one better dosa in London, but Woodlands is a pretty close second and the closest to central London. It has a location near the Piccadilly Circus tube station and another between the Bond and Baker Street Tube stations.

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