What would you do?

At the end of a delicious meal, the chef brought this beaker and placed it on the table. Apparently it was dessert...or so I thought.

Guests at the hotel El Aguamiel can arrange to have a private dinner prepared. After chatting with the hotel owner, he and the chef plan a menu based on your likes/dis-likes and what's fresh at the market.

El Aguamiel is a small boutique hotel (I think they only have 6 rooms) and we were the only guests dining.

It turned out that our waitress for the evening was also the chef. She spoke no English; we spoke no Spanish.

My partner is far from being an adventurous eater and he was very relieved that there were no weird surprises (okay, I was, too). That is until dessert.

The chef brought out this beaker full of what seemed to be warm orange juice. Somehow she communicated to us that it was orange soup. She placed it on the table and returned to the kitchen. There were no bowls or glasses...not even straws.

We waited awhile unsure what to do. I'll blame a bottle of Mendoza Malbec, but eventfully, I was convinced we supposed to drink it.

It tasted like very good (warm) orange juice. I drank about half of the contents. Luckily, I didn't finish it, because the chef returned with two quivering bowls of flan - the orange juice was to be poured on top of the flan.

We all broke out in laughter. The chef poured the remaining juice into the bowls. It did taste better with flan.

Not a fiasco, just flan.

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