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Soak In a Stunning Canyon View, and then Hike It

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The famous Waimea Canyon, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, appropriately dubbed “The Garden Isle,” as it seems to be almost entirely covered in lush green. I have been to far-flung corners of the earth, and this was perhaps the most incredible view I have ever seen.

We hiked the Canyon Trail in the pouring rain, and could not have been more exhilarated. When we arrived at one of the lookout points, which felt as though we were in a cloud forest, there was a geologist giving a private tour to a small group. We overheard him say that this was in fact supposed to be the dry side of the island, that the stream over the falls below us was a larger volume of water than he had seen in 30 years, and that he resented the label “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” because the youngest rocks in the Grand Canyon are almost 300 million years old, while the oldest rocks of Waimea are about 5 million years old. We hiked back up and continued on to Hanalei Bay, Po’ipu Beach, Wailua Falls, and the many other incredible physical beauties of Kauai.

A visit to Kauai is a must if you are planning to fly all the way to the middle of Pacific. But you do need a car in order to most efficiently get around the island.

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