Exploring Hong Kong Outdoors
Forty percent of the city is classified as park space, so head out to explore Hong Kong outdoors at the many trails and parks available nearby. Whether it’s hiking to the beach, strolling in the parks or even trekking on an outlying island, there are many options for you to enjoy greenery, take in beautiful views of Hong Kong, and to discover a more tranquil pace of life outside of the bustling city.

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Visit Victoria Peak Garden and Mount Austin Playground

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Every visitor to Hong Kong takes the Peak Tram and "does" Victoria Peak. But there is a lot more to The Peak than simply the, admittedly impressive, views over Victoria Harbour or the modern shopping complex.

In fact "the peak" which the tram takes you to is a low point, a gap between two heights, and if you have the energy to walk up hill just a little more you will be well rewarded.

As well as being a prime residential district the area with the Peak Garden and Mount Austin Playground have large open green lawns, with traditional sitting out areas.

Couldn't be better for a day out with the kids, there are places to picnic, drinking fountains and plenty of open spaces to run around.

What you won't find is many people; tourists don't come here, and the locals are at work. At most you'll find some at-home mums with their kids, or domestic helpers walking the dogs!

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