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Sci-fi museum at Ferrari's birthplace

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Now there is a new reason to visit Modena, the mother city of supercars in northern Italy. An inspiring museum for Enzo Ferrari has just opened.

Enzo Ferrari was an Italian icon, a real genius that created the absolute myth in Formula 1 and the most valuable brand in automotive industry.

Last March, the new Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari was inaugurated to become the new hotspot in the so called Motor Valley of Modena.

The museum was built next to the house where Enzo Ferrari was born. The house was neglected for years till an Italian journalist discovered it. It still belongs to a wealthy Italian family and up to some years ago it was used as a garage.

On the outside, the historic building was restored to its original state. Inside it was transformed to an interactive museum that tells Ferrari’s story through his personal archive and memorabilia, pictures and video material.

The first Ferrari in history – the iconic 125 Sport is the only car in the museum.

Next to Ferrari’s house, an ultra modern structure of aluminium and glass was built.

Outside, the roof recalls the curved hood of a racing car and is painted in the trademark yellow of Modena and Ferrari’s logo.

Inside, the futuristic design of Czech architect, late Jan Kaplicky is an open space with no pillars, naturally lit.

The first exhibition is a collection of vintage racing Alfa Romeo’s the cars the Ferrari drove himself or developed for racing.

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