Colombia in the Clouds

El Valle del Cocora, a national natural park in the central cordillera of the Andes, is the main attraction of the colorfully-painted town of Salento. The valley is known for its towering, skinny wax palm trees, which are the tallest in the world. One can hike the forest by foot or on horseback. The end of the lush trail leads to the 'Santuario de Calibris,' or hummingbird sanctuary; an area where the small, hurried birds fly freely and abundantly.

The typical way to arrive at the park is to take a Willy, an old jeep from WWII times, from the Plaza Bolivar in Salento. They leave at various times in the morning: show up early to ask the drivers when they leave. It's well worth the 3.000 Colombian pesos ($1.50 USD) each way to reach this lush and mysterious valley in the clouds!

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