Kilimanjaro and Moshi Region
This region’s capital was once a military camp established under German occupation. The fertile, volcanic soil and moderate climate have sprung forth coffee plantations and farms nestled amid the foothills of the mighty mountain. Tens of thousands of visitors come each year to conquer Kilimanjaro’s snowy peak and reach the "Roof of Africa."

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Another Hidden Gem

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Kilasiya Falls is one of a dozen marked and unmarked waterfalls if you turn left instead of right at Marangu Mtoni on your way up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Local guides in Marangu will be happy to give you a tour of some of the lower falls for a small fee. The falls are perfect for a picnic lunch, a swim, or a cliff jump.

However, venturing further up the mountain - out of the tourist zone - will make your experience even more enjoyable. If you can find a knowledgeable and entrepreneurial young person willing to take you to some of the unmarked and less visited falls, you're in for a treat!

There's nothing quite like having a beautiful waterfall all to yourself for the afternoon.

Too many people climb Kili without experiencing the full beauty of the area and the local people. Don't make that mistake!

I fell so in love with the area after numerous visits that I started an NGO working with one the villages -

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by Sam Barns
AFAR Local Expert
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