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Best Mac Nut Farm Tour

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For one of the best tours in Hawaii, I send my friends and family to Tropical Farms. The talented, laid back, and comical tour guides provide an entertaining history of the Hawaiian Islands through the fruits that grow on the Islands - including nearly every use of the coconut. Kids and adults will appreciate climbing on board the rickety green bus and meandering through the property. Guests even get to hop on a little boat for a spectacular view of the Farm and the Koolau Mountains while learning about the movies and television series that have been filmed at Tropical Farms (50 First Dates, Off the Map, Lost, and many others).
The store has heaps of Hawaiian trinkets and souvenirs, and some of the best macadamia nuts around. With free samples, nut addicts can find their favorites to bring home - and wash them down with free coffee samples, too.

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